I first played Qwirkle with the family at Christmas after seeing the game on the Tabletop podcast.  The game is perfect for new players both simple to pick up but very strategic at the same time.

Qwirkle Box


  • 2-4 Players
  • Age 6+
  • Playing time 30 – 45 mins
  • Box Contents
    • 108 Tiles
    • Storage Bag
    • Rule Book

How to Play

After shuffling the tiles well each player randomly selects 6 tiles.  The tiles come in 6 colours and 6 designs.  Tiles must be placed on the board so that any horizontal or vertically connected row shares one attribute either colour or shape without any duplicates (eg you couldn’t have 2 orange squares in the same row).

To start the game each player shares the highest number of tiles that they can lay.  The player who can lay the most tiles starts the game laying those tiles and then restocks from the bag back up to size tiles.

Play continue clockwise round the table.  Each player has two options on their turn

  • Lay tiles – Lay as many tiles as they can in the same row (you can add to an existing row)
  • Skip your turn but instead exchange tiles for fresh ones from the bags.


Players score 1 point per tile they lay.  If they add to a row they also score a point for each tile already in that row.  If a player completes a row so it has 6 tiles (either the same shape in 6 different colours, or 6 different shapes in the same colour) they have scored a Qwirkle and receive a bonus 6 points.

Quirkle Tiles


I found Qwirkle the perfect game for Christmas afternoon with the family.  At its heart it is a very simple tile matching game, but once you start to get into the game a lot of strategy comes into play.  Should you lay tiles up to 5 and risk someone else getting a Qwirkle or should you wait and hope you get the 6th tile you need, where can you lay tiles to make the most points and potentially affect multiple rows.

Amongst this strategy there is a lot of luck in the tiles that you blindly pick helping or hindering your quest for Qwirkles.  However this makes it easy for the family and friends to pick up and play.

A great family game which can be easily picked up by new players but still holds strategic challenges for experiences Qwirklers

Awards and Reviews on the Web

Qwirkle has been the recipient of several awards.  The most significant of which was the 2011 Speil des Jahres.

  • 2011 Speil des Jahres
  • Parent’s Choice Gold Award
  • Mensa Select Award
  • Major Fun Award

On Amazon Qwirkle is reviewed with 4.8 Stars out of 5 with 261 Customer Reviews.

The below Video is from Geek & Sundry’s Tabletop – This gives a great video review and nicely demonstrates how play works.

Where to buy and Alternative Versions

Ask in your local independent Board Game shop for Qwirkle or if you want to buy online Qwirkle is available from Amazon


Qwirkle – The original Qwirkle

Travel Qwirkle – The Travel Qwirkle tiles are still wooden but only around 1cm square with a handy carry case

Qwirkle Cubes – A twist on the original Qwirkle in that the tiles are cubes so to add them to your hand by rolling them and seeing which side appears face up.

Digital Versions

Qwirkle for iPad and iPhone – Qwirkle is available to play on you’re iPhone.  A great board gaming option for the commute.

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