Ticket to Ride Europe

Ticket to Ride Europe was one of the first tabletop games I bought and still one of my favourites.



Ticket to Ride Europe was released in 2005 by Days of Wonder and created by Alan R Moon, the sequel to the popular Ticket to Ride.  You play a railway owner.  The board represents turn of the century Europe as railway fever starts to take hold.  You compete against the other players to join destinations with your trains across Europe.  You are given destination cards which specify cities that you must join by a continuous railroad and are awarded points at the end of the game for each destination card you accomplish.


  • 2-5 Players (I would recommend 3+)
  • 30 – 60 mins (In my experience nearer 60)
  • Age 8+
  • Box Contains –
    • 1 Board map of European train routes
    • 225 Coloured Train Cars
    • 158 Illustrated cards
    • 15 stations
    • 5 Wooden Scoring Markers
    • 1 Rules booklet

Ticket to Europe Cards

How to Play

You start the game with destination cards detailing two cities that you need to join with tracks.  You also have train cards which have one of several different coloured carriages on them.  The board of Europe shows the cities joined by different numbers of coloured rectangles (carriages) in specific colours.

Each turn you can take one of 3 actions

  • Lay trains between two cities if you have the right number of train cards in the correct colour. (eg four white train cards for the route Petrograd to Moskva)
  • Pick up two train cards, either from the face up cards, or the deck.
  • Pick up more destination cards – If you’re feeling bold you can pick up more destination cards giving you additional cities to join with train tracks.

Ticket to Ride Europe is the sequel to the original American Ticket to ride and has a few additional features.

  • Tunnels – As there is a risk of cave in when digging a tunnel it may cost more train cards than you originally think!  So when building a tunnel you turn over 3 train cards from the deck, for every card that matches the colour of your tunnel or is a locomotive (the wild card), you must lay an additional train card (of the tunnel colour) or locomotive to build your tunnel
  • Ferries – To lay a track over water the map will show that some of the cards must be locomotives
  • Train stations – If you are desperate to get to a destination but the route is already in use by another player, you can create a station which will allow you to use a route from another player into or out of a city with a station on it.

Ticket to Europe Game Pieces


The game ends once a player has just two train carriages left, each player then gets one last turn and the game ends.

Scores are awarded (or taken away) for

  • Each train you lay – This is scored as you play.  the more trains in a route (the distance directly between 2 cities) the more they score.

Then at the end of the game you score

  • The number of points on each destination card that you complete
  • Any destinations that you do not complete are subtracted from your score
  • Every Train Station you have not used is worth 4 points
  • The player with the longest continuous path wins the European Express Bonus, worth an extra 10 points.



Ticket to ride has great appeal to both new and experienced gamers, it is a game which involves a combination of high luck and high strategy and as such it can be played with new players, they quickly understand the rules and can play competitively.  Equally I have played with groups of experienced players and still enjoyed the game as much.  Also with games lasting around an hour the game can either be fit in around another event or on its own, it doesn’t feel like it drags.

The game moves quickly as many turns will involve players picking up carriages, so this moves the game on and means no one is waiting long for their turn, and it is then exciting to see when players lay down routes to try to work out where they are going.  You could play your own game and focus on yourself, or you could try to block other players from reaching their destinations.

The final count up of the scores can take a little time but it can be exciting by taking it in turns to reveal a destination card one by one.  Often the longest route bonus can be the deciding factor so joining all your routes can often pay off!

What others Say

Ticket to Ride Europe has been available for a while now so there are many reviews out there like this one!  On Amazon the game has a score of 4.7 stars out of 5 with 143 reviews.

The above video is from the show Tabletop on Geek & Sundry when choosing a new game I love to watch a video of others playing it to understand the game dynamics and decide whether I would like it.  The TableTop show is among the best for this!

Where to Buy

Look for Ticket to Ride Europe in your local friendly board game shop.  Or buy Ticket to Ride Europe online from Amazon UK

Expansions and other Versions

Ticket to Ride Europe is one of several versions and expansions available.

Digital Versions

Ticket to ride is available digitally on –

Share your Ticket to Ride Experience

That’s what I think but I want to hear your experiences and stories of Ticket to Ride.  Please leave a comment and share your stories.

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