Tsuro – The Game of the Path

Tsuro – The Game of the Path by Calliope Games is a fun filler game either for when you only have 15 mins for a quick game or to warm up before a longer game.

Tsuro Game of the Path

Goal & How to Play

The goal of Tsuro is to keep your token on the board for longer than anyone elses.  The game comes with a beautifully printed board with a 6×6 grid on it.  Each player starts with their token on the edge of the board on a white marker which marks the start of the path and a hand of three tiles.

On each turn the player places a card in front of their token.  The tile has a line on it (the path).  The player then moves their token along the path and if it connects to another tile onwards through the path until it reaches the end of the path.  The aim is to stay on the board so if the path takes your token to the edge of the board you are eliminated.  Similarly if you lay a tile in front of your token which also is in front of  another players token their token should also be moved along its path (so you could eliminate them!).  The player who’s token stays on the path the longest wins.

Tsuro Cards


This is a great game to just pick up and play, particularly at the start of an evening of gaming or when you have a short amount of time for a game.  I find 4-6 players is a good number to have as the more players the quicker the game progresses with eliminations and more time between your last and next move so more strategy to consider and an extra element of luck.

Finally I have to mention the quality of this game.  The board and cards are beautifully designed and have a solid feel to them, the tokens are custom-made for the game and feel that bit more special than just normal counters.


  • Play time 15 mins
  • 2-8 Players
  • Ages 8+
  • Whats in the Box?
    • Complete Game Rules
    • 1 Tsuro Game Board
    • 1 Dragon tile
    • 35 Path tiles
    • 8 Tsuro movement markers

Where to Buy

Look for Tsuro: Game of the Path in your local board game store or buy Tsuro Game of the Path from Amazon UK

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Tsuro of the Seas – Tsuro of the Seas could be considered the Sequel to Tsuro, the board is a 7×7 grid, and players have ships that they are moving across the board.  The difference to the original Turso is the addition of daikaiju tiles which add sea monsters and other creatures of the deep… and these monsters can also move round the board!

Tsuro of the Seas: Veterans of the Seas – An Expansion for Tsuro of the Seas which adds new cards – The threats of the Tsunami and Uzushio tiles but the possible saviour of the Taihou and Mystic Portal tiles.

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